Philanthropy via Music

At Salomé, we believe in the healing power of music and the accessibility of its language to inspire and motivate our audiences.  But for us, performing standard concerts for the pure enjoyment of our listeners falls short of the true potential of a concert event.  In stretching the limits of what a classical music concert can achieve, both in sound and in objective, we have crafted our mission to focus on the collaborations with fellow non-profit organizations.  These organizations share one thing in common: they all provide basic necessities to those in need, be it food, shelter, protection, or education.  Classical music performed for entertainment’s sake only reaches the audience members in the enclosed space of a concert hall (and if we’re lucky, broadcast on the radio); classical music used as a mechanism and platform for our partner organizations allows us to project the powerful effect of music to raise money and awareness for their incredible work.  It also allows us to fulfill our other mission as classical music evangelists, as we reach new, untapped audiences that have yet to experience the beauty of our craft.  We are proud and honored to be working with these organizations and hope for many fruitful collaborations in the future.

The Trevor Project, The FEED Foundation, The Somaly Mam Foundation, Camfed, Friends of the IDF, Dror for the Wounded, Save a Child’s Heart.

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