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Salomé Performs on MET Museum’s Instrument Collection

Members of Salomé, solo violist David Aaron Carpenter, violinist Sean Avram Carpenter, cellist Mihai Marica, and pianist Gabby Martinez recently performed on the Metropolitan Museum’s Instrument Collection!  This honor, so rarely bestowed upon instrumentalists, precedes Salomé’s residency at the MET during the 2012-2013 Season.

Here’s a sample of video footage of the momentous occasion!

David performing on the Pietro Giovanni Mantegazza Viola, Milan 1767

Sean performing on the “The Antonius” Stradivari Violin, Cremona 1711

Mihai performing Solo Bach on the Jean Baptiste Vuillaume Cello, Paris

Sean performing on “The Francesca” Antonio Stradivari Violin, Cremona 1694

Sean on “The Gould” Antonio Stradivari Baroque Violin, Cremona 1693

For all the videos, check out Salomé’s YouTube Channel!

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